NSHS Courses

At Nevada State High School, you’ll not only be completing your last years of high school, but you’ll also be receiving the opportunity to start your college education – for FREE.

As a student here, you’ll take college courses at higher education institutions in Nevada, including the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), Great Basin College (GBC), the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Nevada State College (NSC), and DeVry University.

Each course you take at the college level will count for college credit, as well as high school credit. Allowing you to get double the credit in half the time! NSHS provides high school classes that support students in their transition to college.

After graduating from our program you’ll not only have your high school diploma, but be ready to tackle your last years of college head on and smoothly transition into your chosen career.

More information on the courses you will take at NSHS

  • College Courses
  • Introduction to College
  • Study Skills
  • Transition Course

Diploma Options

Nevada State High School offers students four (4) diploma type options. See items below for the diploma options:

  • Standard Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Honors Diploma
  • Regents Diploma

NSHS College Remedial Requirement

To receive a high school diploma from NSHS, students must meet the college remedial requirements to graduate from NSHS. Remediation fulfillment is the completion of Math 096 or 097 and English 098 with a C or better (excluding C-). No diploma will be given until all requirements are fulfilled. Students are only allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony when all NSHS graduation requirements are met.

Low Level College Remedial Courses – Math 091 and Math 093 only count for high school elective credit and do not count for high school math credit. NSHS administration has serious concerns over the graduation risk of students enrolling in the school with these low level remedial needs. If students choose to attend under these severe risks, it is up to them to be committed to take the opportunity and work to graduate. NSHS has no authority over the classes that the respective colleges offer or where the student qualifies for each college on the placement exams. Classes are not guaranteed to be available.

Students and parents/guardians have been made aware of these higher graduation requirements to receive a diploma from NSHS and are aware that they may transfer to another school should they disagree with the NSHS standards. Students will not receive high school credit for taking classes lower than the ones already passed. For example: A student who has passed into Math 124 will not get credit for taking Math 096 in subsequent semesters. SAT/ACT test scores may be used for math or English placement in college and high school graduation requirement.

Forms and Documentation: