10 Reasons to Attend NSHS

1. Accelerate Your Opportunities

Earn your high school diploma while working towards your college degree with dual credit courses. At NSHS, you’ll combine your last years of high school with your first years of college – allowing you to complete four years of school in half the time.

2. Save Money

An average year of college at a higher education institution in Nevada could cost you more than $5,000 (including tuition, standard fees, and textbooks). If you attend NSHS you can have up to two years of college paid for. In the past we have also paid for each student to take one ACT ($48) and one SAT ($47) per school year.

3. Increase Your Freedom

NSHS gives you the opportunity to become a college student, which means you’ll experience the flexibility of planning your own college schedule. You’ll have the ability to choose your professors and the independence to explore a college major before you’re even out of high school.

4. Interact in Small Classes

Classes taught by NSHS faculty gives you the ability to get to know your instructor, and allows your instructor to get to know you. We’ll learn your strengths, your weakness, and your goals for your future, so we can better serve your needs and teach you how to become a self-advocate in your education.

5. Receive One-on-One Attention

At NSHS, we want to get you where you want to be. Everyone has a dream of where they want to end up and what they want to be doing, and we want to help you help yourself get there. We’ll be there to help you in the beginning with registration and scheduling classes, in between with providing you tutoring and help in areas that you are weak in, and in the end when you are picking colleges and researching scholarships.

6. Attend a Top School in Nevada

NSHS has been designated an “Exemplary School,” in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011 and will continue to be one in the future. We have also been awarded by the US News & World Report as a 2010 America’s Best High Schools bronze medal recipient and Most Connected Classrooms 2011.

7. Become College-Bound

In the last few years, many of our students are proud to say that they received their associate’s degree before they graduated from our high school, and even though this is a great accomplishment, we do not encourage it. Why? Because at NSHS our goal is to get you to your bachelor’s degree, which is why after graduating from our program over 90% of our students continue their education at colleges and universities in and outside of Nevada.

8. Develop Career-Readiness Skills

As a student at NSHS, you’ll be prepared for graduation and beyond. We want to provide you with the tools you need to receive your bachelor degree and start your career. You’ll learn resume writing and cover letter tips, participate in mock interviews given by the Nevada business community, and train and test with ACT’s job skills assessment system WorkKeys to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate.

9. Challenge Yourself

Students choose to come to our program for a variety of reasons – but one common factor is that they are motivated and ready to be challenged academically. As a student at NSHS, you’ll be attending real college courses, with real college professors, with college level coursework.

10. Meet a Diverse Student Population

Unlike your traditional public high school, attending NSHS is a choice. Motivated students from all over Southern Nevada, including Henderson, Las Vegas, and even Pahrump, come to us because they are interested in getting ahead and going to college.